The main premise underlying the Modeling for Success℠ program is to prepare young people to succeed in life and to enable them to create tangible value in the 21st century business and technology environment.STEMpiModelingforsuccess

Using innovative, mentor-guided bootstrap-based “finance, build and market” approach developed around sophisticated, technologically enhanced “old school” ship, plane and train modeling, as well around “new school” drone and micro-satellite assembly, teach, empower and equip the students with a multidisciplinary toolbox of relevant STEM, business, legal and communications skills, strengthened personal qualities and broad networking contacts.

STEMpi™ is an educational, vocational and networking franchise centered around unique student personal and professional training and development, which is centered around STEM (science technology engineering, math), business, media and communications programs.

The comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach students tangible VALUE CREATION using technology funding, design, CAD/CNC, programming, computational, engineering, product assembly, video production, social media, team building, negotiations, communications and marketing skills.